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Enchanting sea views, stunning sunset views

The road that sinks at high tide is a popular attractio

The sandy beach that emerges at low tide and the large installation art are full of character


Baishuihu is one of the famous salt fields in Dongshi Township. Although there is the word "lake" in its name, there is actually no freshwater lake in the area, and the name of Baishuihu comes from the geographical situation of Yancheng in the old days. When the Yancheng Zhangxing Company, a partnership between the Japanese and the people of Tainan, used to build a seawall in this area, the seawall was not built properly for many years. When a regular typhoon would come, the outer shore of the seawall would collapse and the seawater would pour in, and a white wave would appear on the salt field. This is how "Baishuihu" came to be. At present, due to the implementation of the mechanization policy of Taiyan in 1972, it has been transformed into a quiet traditional community.

Due to years of ground subsidence, the roads around Shoudao Island in Baishuihu now sink into the water during high tide, and many residents have left the area due to the inconvenience of living there. However, the mysterious and desolate beauty of the area, coupled with the unparalleled view at sunset, has attracted more and more tourists to come and see the scenery, making Baishuihu a new and emerging attraction along the Chiayi coast.

Zeantan village, Dongshi Township, Chiayi County Taiwán, R.O.C
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