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Hukou Wetlands


A secret leisure ecology destination; roaming an idyllic landscape

Easy bicycle tour of the wetland scenery

A great spot to watch the sunset


This wetland grassland ecological area located on the Hukou Village Road in Kouhu Township, Yunlin County, was originally a farm of Taiwan Sugar, but after being attacked by Typhoon Wayne in 1975, seawater backed up and made it impossible to continue farming the large area where sugarcane was originally grown. After years of abandonment, the area has been transformed into a haven for wild plants and a species-rich wetland ecosystem. With fewer artificially developed buildings and farmland, the power poles from above ground have also been submerged in the water, creating a different kind of rural character.

Since the streams rise in the summer and bring seedlings of various plants from the high mountains downstream, plants of the Grasses, the Figworts, and the Rubiaceae families can be found in this wetland grassland ecosystem. There are also plants that can withstand being trampled, such as Plantago asiatica, the Indian goosegrass, the maidenhair fern, and the shepherd's needles with small white flowers. In autumn, we can also see patches of reeds swaying in the autumn breeze, and the Coastal She-oak makes up the main forest in this area, making this a rare natural grassland ecological park.

In the early morning or evening, people can often ride their bicycles and see egrets and other birds flying in the sky along the way. At dusk, the sunset and the reflection on the water are even more enchanting; one can fully immerse in the beauty of nature and the feeling of being in the countryside!

Along Taiwan Route 17 and next to Yunlin 143 Township Road, Kouhu Township, Yunlin County Taiwán, R.O.C
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