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Bozailiao Coastal Recreation Area (Bozailiao Fishing Harbor)


Enjoy luxuriant wetland and beach scenery by bicycle

Experience the warmth and excitement of the ocean tide and fishing harbor

Enjoy breathtaking sunset views of the fishing village


The Bozailiao Fishing Harbor was once the only sand-free harbor in Yunlin County, and it was once a commercial port where the ships and vessels gathered and trade flourished. However, due to the siltation of the mud and sand, the prosperity is no longer there. Nowadays the most abundant aquaculture farms in Bozailiao are milkfish farms. Shallow beaches with oysters and ponds with eels and shrimp can be found everywhere. 

The beach and wetland ecology accumulated along the shoreline have also given new life to the Bozailiao area. The promenade from the fishing harbor to Santiaolun attracts many tourists on bicycles to take in the scenery while they ride their bikes. At dusk, the orange-red sky paired with a tall wind turbine makes for a breathtaking sunset view.

There are also bicycle lanes on both sides of the road leading from the fishing village to the harbor, which is a good place for hiking, biking and other leisure sports activities. Visitors can truly enjoy the sun, the tide and the warmth and exuberance of the fishing harbor.

Boziliao, Sihu Township, Dounan Township, Yunlin County Taiwán, R.O.C
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