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Budai Jiaying Temple


The Wang Ye Boat-Burning ceremony during the Qi’an Jianjiao Festival is a spectacular sight

Over 300 years of history at the Budai faith center


There are two Jiaying temples in Budai Town: the Budai Jiaying Temple, where the custom of "burning Wang Ye’s boat" is practiced, and the Xinwen Jiaying Temple, where the “Waterway Race to Welcome the Visiting King” is held every year.

Budai Jiaying Temple is dedicated to Jiulong Sangong (the Three Lords of the Nine Dragons, also known as the Sangong Ye/Fathers Sangong). Whenever there is a qi’an jianjiao (“praying for peace and performing sacrifices”) ceremony, a "king boat burning" ceremony will be held to pay tribute to the gods and pray for peace, which is quite grand and often attracts many tourists to make a pilgrimage. When you visit the Budai Jiaying Temple, you may want to visit the "Monument to the Landing of His Imperial Highness Prince Sadao of Japan" and the "Budai 543 Story House" in the alley in front of the temple to experience the history and development of Budai over the centuries.

No.32, Ruchuan Rd., Budai Township, Chiayi County Taiwán, R.O.C
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