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Puzi Estuary Wetlands


Walk along the riverbank and enjoy views of the estuary wetlands

A black mangrove forest unique to the south, where you can observe amazing ecology


There is no better place than the Dongshi Bridge to get a bird's eye view of the vast expanse of the Puzi Estuary Wetlands. Standing on the bridge, you will see a spectacular view of the estuary, and if it is low tide, the sandbar on the river will emerge and you will see the precious ecological landscape.

The ecosystem here is mainly composed of the intertidal zone of the estuary, mudflats, river mangroves, and oyster scaffolding. The unique black mangroves in the south and the tide crabs that often appear in the wetland are all worth visiting in the Puzi Estuary Wetlands.

In order to let visitors know more about the ecological contents of the Puzi Estuary Wetlands, bird-watching and scenery-viewing facilities have been built on both sides of the riverbank, and many amusing and cute explanatory boards have been created to let visitors know more about the distribution of plants and animals in the area.

Besides strolling along the riverbank, it is also the best place to ride a bicycle. Of course, you can also take a scenic upstream raft ride at the Dongshi Fisherman's Wharf to experience the mangrove forest and wetland ecology from the estuary.

Puzi City, Chiayi County Taiwán, R.O.C
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