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Prince Zhen-ai Landing Monument


The monument of Japanese Prince Zhen-ai landing Taiwan located in the alley in front of Budai Jianying Temple, is the antique in memory of Japanese’s invasion which was dig out again in 2002. The original memorial tablet was built in 1923 in memory of the event that Japanese Tadashiai Shinno led the army to successfully land from Budai mouth and completely occupied Taiwan. However, along with the recovery of Taiwan, the Tsai’s who lived in the back of the monument used this monument as the foundation and built a house on it during 1950s. It was said that the Tsai’s and the residences that lived nearby never had a peaceful life from that time on. Therefore, people built a small temple on the original site asking for safety. Then Tsai’s descendant, Tsai Qing-mo, decided to dig out the monument from their ancient house, held a ancient sacrifice ceremony and built the new 「The monument of Japanese Peince Zhen-ai landing Taiwan」we can see nowadays.

CHanhi village, Budai Township, Chiayi County Taiwán, R.O.C
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