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Nankunshen Daitian Temple


the most splendid religious Mecca in Taiwan’s Saline Belt 
One of the most-visited shrines in Taiwan, Nankunshen Daitian Temple is a national historic site and also the country’s oldest and largest Wangye (also known as Qiansui, or the plaque gods) temple. It is mainly dedicated to the Wangyes of the Li, Chi (Chih), Wu, Zhu (Chu) and Fan families. As Wangye worship thrives along the southwest coast, pilgrims from distant regions and folk art troupes scramble to participate in the annual offering rituals. Through competitions of skills, these performers display an exceptional liveliness and amazing cultural heritage that belongs to the Saline Belt. The temple has a stately exterior and lavishly decorated interior. Using nothing but the green and white stones indigenous to China, the architecture of the temple successfully conveys the beauty of traditional Chinese arts. The mysterious artificial arrangements and pagodas also lend a poetic sentiment to Dakun Garden. 

No.976,Quanjing Village, Beimen Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C
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Official website
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