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Mangrove Reserve


Mangroves give birth to unique ecosystems and can be found locally near the estuaries of the Cigu and Jiangjyun Rivers. The mangroves in the reserve thrive just as they did more than three centuries ago, when Dutch occupiers first arrived. Black mangroves predominate along the Cigu River and red mangroves along the Jiangjyun River. Fiddler crabs and many different species of fish, shrimp, mollusc and bird are found in these mangrove ecosystems. Currently there are two bird-watching stations within the Cigu River Mangrove Reserve where you can see egrets and night herons going about their business at dusk, an enchanting sight indeed. 
Recommended viewing location: Mangrove Bird-watching Station 

Chiku, Qigu Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C
Phone Number
Opening Hours
Bird watching station: (00:00~24:00) Open throughout the year, no time restriction
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