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Dujia Village Museum


Dujia Village formed from the gradual growth of a family with the surname Qiu. Now, all the households here are surnamed Qiu, making it the most complete and the largest single-surname bloodline settlement in Taiwan. The ancestors of the Dujia Clan migrated from Fujian Province to Taiwan. Here, they set down roots, raised their descendants, and lived together as a clan, in a process that epitomizes the early development of the Tainan area and the formation of settlements.

Located in Qigu District, Dujia Village is a fishing village with a beautiful environment. In the early days, they mainly produced milkfish, but more recently the village has become an important producer of Taiwan bottarga (wuyuzi, preserved fish roe), with aquaculture farms that surpass 250 hectares.

The Dujia Village Museum is the first settlement-themed museum in Tainan. It was planned and operated from the start with the concept of a community museum in mind. It is divided into four areas and eight themes; the overall viewing experience uses multi-media, physical objects, photos, documents, and videos to present many aspects of Dujia's culture. The museum is generally not open to the public, so contact the Community Activity Center in advance if you wish to visit the museum.

No. 47–7, Dujia, Dujia Neighborhood,, Qigu Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C
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