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Shuangchun Seaside Recreational Area


Stroll on the boardwalk and have a close encounter with mangroves.

Seaside camping area & special experience of Boathouse Café.

pecial offers for Tainan citizens.

Ride a bike for two or four to tour the premises.


Shuangchun Seaside Recreational Area is an ecological leisure space situated in Beimen, Tainan City. There is a mangrove observation zone on the premises where visitors can observe four native mangrove species: grey mangrove, Kandelia, white-flowered black mangrove, and red mangrove. Parents can visit this area with their children to learn more about Taiwan's special ecology.

Before it became the recreational area, this area was known as “Yongchun” and used mostly as fish farms. Later on, after the fish farms expanded in the area, the area was divided into inner Yongchun and outer Yongchun, which became today's “Shuangchun” (“Shuang” literally means “pair” in Chinese”). There are two boardwalks built in areas between the mangrove and the windbreaks in the north and south of the Recreational Area, allowing visitors to observe wetland ecology from close range. In addition to mangroves, fiddler crabs, mudskippers and water birds are all charming creatures to observe in Shuangchun.

Walking on the mangrove ecological boardwalks is like going through green tunnels. Unlike Sicao Green Tunnel that is a waterway, the mangrove ecological boardwalk in Shuangchun is on dry land, allowing visitors to walk leisurely. In addition to the ecological boardwalk, Shuangchun has a beautiful golden beach where many visitors can watch the sun setting over the sea. There is also a starry sky camping site over the water. With pure white tents set along the seashore, the view is simply out of this world.



No.35-5, Shuangchun, Beimen Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C
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