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Dongshi Natural Ecological Exhibition Center


A great place for education and fun, with both historical and ecological information

Rent a bicycle to enjoy the rich ecology of the wetlands

The best place to learn more about the local culture of Dongshi!


Dongshi Township is home to the famous Aogu Wetland, and the famous Eight Views of Dongshi, as well as fat, fresh oysters. Dongshi has become a famous tourist attraction in recent years.

The Dongshi Natural Ecological Exhibition Center was opened in 2011, focusing on human history, natural ecology and other information to enrich the local cultural substance and allow the local culture to take root and grow. With the natural ecological culture of Dongshi Township as its main theme, it creates a space of "one ecology, one life".

Inside the exhibition hall, there is an ecological tourism service window, an introduction to the park, and a wheeled exhibition area. On the second floor, there are historical documents, a guided tour of the wetland ecology, multimedia viewing, and photos of the natural environment and ecology, making it a good place for visitors to take an intellectual and emotional cultural journey.

The exhibition hall also provides the most complete information on food, drink, fun and entertainment in Dongshi Township, linking the community's scenic spots with classic tours such as migratory bird watching, touring the Puzi River and the Waisanding Sandbar, giving a new life to the quiet rural fishing village with ecological appreciation and leisure tourism.

No.54, Aogu, Dongshi Township, Chiayi County Taiwán, R.O.C
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