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Luermen Queen of Heven Temple


Destination information: In Yong-Li 15 years of Ming Dynasty( in 1661 AD), Jheng Cheng-Gong failed to entern Luermen with four hundred battle ships but after pray for Mazu for help he succeeded to entry and fought off the Dutch and recovered Taiwan. That’s why Jheng Cheng-Gong respected and expanded Mazu Temple. In Luermen Queen of Heven Temple, Mazu statue is made by the expert with treasurable woods and excusive skill. Besides, the appearance of the temple is lofty and majestic, like Chinese traditional buildings. Many scenary, such as front pillars with dragon image, door-god, wood brackets, paper-cut in the roof ridge, pottery, sculpture, plafond, gallery, and courtyard, etc are worthy to watch in Luermen Queen of Heven Temple. Many residence would also put wood slices with red lines on the front pillars to pray for safety, health, and growing business. 

Shopping:Yong-Tai-Xing Preserved Fruit、Zheng-He-Xing Preserved Fruit、Chen-Shi Oyster Roll、Zhou-Shi Shrimp Roll、Song-Cun Smoked Food、White Sugar Pastry of Feng-Huang Bakery 

Attention: Luermen Mansion is one multicultural ancient building with multi-function of exhibition, performance, teaching, meeting, and housing. Its structure is also very distinguishing for visiting. Address: No. 236, Lane 1, Xian-Cao Street third section, Mazu Temple, An-Nan Area, Tainan City, tel: (06)284-1386; Luermen Mansion only receive group appointment with above 30 persons by phone call. 

Extended route:Luermen Gate-Taiwan Entrance, Luermen wetland, Sih-Cao mangrove reserve, Nan-Liao Wild Bird Reserve, Sihcao Dajhong Temple、AnpingFort、Eternal Fortress.

No.160, Cheng’an Rd., Annan Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C
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