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Liukong Wharf


Take Fishing Raft at Liukong Wharf for a Joyful Lagoon Cruise Do you want to get closer to the lagoon? In recent years, taking a tourist fishing raft has been the most popular with tourists in Qigu. Liukong Wharf, a small wharf, offers tourists services to take bamboo raft for the lagoon cruise. Not only can tourists take plastic rafts to cruise the lagoon (inquire tide times with boatmen or local B&Bs) and watch racks of oysters along the lagoon, stationary fishing net, and roaming around the sandbank. Besides, Tourists can take a view of the beauty of sunset at the lagoon on a sunny day, and cordial masters of tourist rafts may even serve tourists with fresh oysters and milkfish aboard. Racks of oysters and fishing grounds circled by bamboo are erected in the lagoon, and fishermen drive tourist rafts for cruise with ease, just like car driving. Despite the fact that rows of bamboo fences look almost the same, fishermen are clear about that who are owners of these fishing grounds. Sometimes fishermen will demonstrate how to operate set net on the spot. Cruising through the waters, tourists will see rows of low racks. The steady current and clean seawater grow quality oysters, the most popular local specialty. When cruising in the lagoon, visitors can see farmers harvesting oysters and leisure anglers. Tourists will take about 20 minutes by tourist rafts to arrive in the sandbank. Aside from horn-eyed ghost crabs and fiddler crabs, horsetail tree as windbreak on two sides is the habitat for the little egret. Tourists can see migratory birds including the little egret nest at times and even a chick-feeding scene, and at dusk, you will enjoy a scene of flocks of egret returning to nests.

No. 18, Haibu, Sangu Li, Qigu Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C
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