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Luermen Orthodox Divine Mother Temple in Tu-Cheng


Destination information: in An-Nan Area of Tainan City, it contains three major halls, Wu-Wang Hall, Divine Mother Hall, and Buddha Hall , and occupies 15 hectares that could contain ten thousand visitors at the same time. With over 360 year history, Luermen Orthodox Divine Mother Temple is the first temple built by the official. It preserves the feature of traditional combat temples and remains historic steles and some seaport stuff. This s the site of old Luermen Orthodox Divine Mother Temple. Different roof style and fine sculpture also increases the decoration and attraction of this temple.

Shopping:Yong-Tai-Xing Preserved Fruit、Zheng-He-Xing Preserved Fruit、Chen-Shi Oyster Roll、Gui-Ji Dainties、Zhou-Shi Shrimp Roll、Song-Cun Smoked Food、White Sugar Pastry of Feng-Huang Bakery

Attention:Sheng-Mu Temple Visitor Center have housing and meal service. If needed, visitors need to book first.

Extended route:Luermen Queen of Heven Temple、Sihcao Dajhong Temple、Anshun Salt-Field Ecology and Culture Village、Sih-Caomangrove、Eternal Fortress、AnpingFort

No.136, Mazugong 1st St., Annan Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C
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Official website
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