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Hsin Lai Yuan Foods


Insisting on the ancient handmade way of making pure soy sauce, our special yellow bean soy sauce is not to be missed

A great place to experience traditional soy sauce production methods; entertaining and educational


Hsin Lai Yuan Foods is located in Budai, Chiayi. In the early years, the proximity to salt fields made it easy to obtain salt, so many people opened soy sauce factories. However, the industry has changed with the times; only one factory remains that still insists on producing handmade soy sauce.

Hsin Lai Yuan Foods still handmakes our products using the ancient methods. After boiling, soybeans are fermented for four to five days, then salt is added to the jar. After three months of aging, the beans can be taken out and made into black bean sauce; the liquid is extracted and cooked into soy sauce.

Hsin Lai Yuan Foods produces on a small scale. Our vivid explanations will help you experience and appreciate the handmade soy sauce production process. We also hope to pass on some of our enthusiasm and dedication to upholding the traditional ways.

No. 168, Xincuozai, Budai Township, Budai Township, Chiayi County Taiwán, R.O.C
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