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Yu Shuen-feng Peanut Factory


See every stage of how peanuts are processed!

A sightseeing factory that warmly welcomes you, with a variety of peanut products just waiting for you to discover them

The Yu Shuen-feng Peanut Factory is a local brand, and continues to hand-select the highest quality Taiwanese peanuts for consumers. Come to the factory and see a variety of peanut products; see peanut processing for yourself to experience true local tastes, local culture, and local passion.

A peanut empire born from a carrying pole

During Japan’s occupation of Taiwan, the Yu family had their own land. Yu Po-lang, first generation of the Yu “peanut empire”, sold peanuts that his wife grew. Because some farmers didn’t have ways to sell their crops, the Yu family decided to open up the Yu Shuen-feng Shop (the predecessor of today's processing plant) in Puzi City, Chiayi. (“Yu Shun-feng” sounds like a person’s name, but here, it just means “Yu’s Abundant Harvest”.) They opened the store in 1956, and sold general grains; they carefully selected crops from each village, purchasing them at harvest time to ensure the best quality of each crop.

Yu Po-lang’s son Yu Jen-sheng grew up in the family business. Inspired by his father's hard work in purchasing and shipping the goods, Jen-sheng strengthened the Yu Shuen-feng’s processing plant’s business mission. A seed of awakening was planted in Yu Jen-sheng’s heart; like a peanut seedling, the inspiration unfurled in the sunlight, revealing new green shoots.

Today, a new generation has joined the team, lending the Yu Shuen-feng processing plant even more dynamism. After studying in Japan, Yu Jen-sheng's eldest son Yu Chao-feng has used his online marketing expertise to create a website and increase the company’s exposure. Jen-sheng’s eldest daughter, Yu Hsiu-ti, came back from the US to help build up the tourism factory, expand business opportunities, and enhance brand awareness with new packaging. And Yu Jen-sheng's youngest son, Yu Yung-teng, took over his father’s responsibility for overseeing the factory's affairs.

It was Yu Po-lang who first lifted up the carrying pole laden with peanuts, and Yu Jen-sheng who continued to carry the precious burden forward. While the peanuts are now shipped in trucks, Yu Shuen-feng’s core mission remains—to create new opportunities, while never forgetting where we started nor the hard-working spirit of the Dongshi people.
No. 20, Hudi, Dongshi Township, Dongshi Township, Chiayi County Taiwán, R.O.C
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