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Oyster Fishing Harbor


Oyster fishing harbor, a great place to eat oysters

Oyster Fishing Harbor is a low-lying coastal area near the Beimen District of Tainan City. The topography is sheltered by the Waisanding Sandbar, and the average tide difference between winter and summer is about 1 meter, making the sea conditions mild.

This fishing harbor was built on site by using the lagoon waters behind the coastal sandbar or the drainage channels between the aquaculture farms in the salt fields. The soil has a high salt content and is mostly developed as aquaculture farms and salt fields.

The harbor is small and the water depth is not deep enough, so large vessels must wait for the tide before they can enter or leave. 

Strolling through this quiet and simple fishing village is like walking in a frozen space forgotten by time. The local food is naturally the most delicious dish of oysters, whether it is oyster tay or oyster noodles, all are guaranteed to delight seafood lovers.

Coastal low-lying area, Beimen Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C
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