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Budai Sea Bus (Cake Beach Experience)


Take a sea bus to a stunningly beautiful secret beach

Experience the luxury of fresh seafood while enjoying a sea breeze


Located in the Budai Fishing Harbor in Chiayi, the "Budai Harbor Intertidal Sea Bus" is a resting place that combines local ecology, culture, and leisure. It is a marine ecological leisure area that takes you on a boat tour of the fishing harbor, land, sandbar, marine pasture, and intertidal area.

With the sea breeze, you can enjoy the lagoon ecology and marine ecology on the sea bus tour, and experience the fun of oyster picking at sea through the guided tour of the oyster farms; step on the uninhabited island beach where the sand is as soft as cake, and feel the natural ecology that has not been over-exploited.

In addition, the seafood cuisine cooked on board, the surprising sea trade, the special design of the park that combines the intertidal zone and the harbor, along with the characteristic experience that integrates the sea resources and the local industry, allow the sightseeing raft take you on a tour of the sea and sky of Budai. Through the professional tour guides, get to know the beautiful ecology and humanities of Budai Harbor in Chiayi.

No.1,Jhongjheng Rd, Budai Township, Chiayi County Taiwán, R.O.C
Phone Number
(05)347-5555 / 0963-228-691
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Facebook Page
Advance reservations are required for admission
Choose a transportation method based on your departure location.
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