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Yiwu Community


A fusion of simple rural and local art

Thirteen vintage iron windows allow visitors to really get to know the community of Yiwu

Find the 10 little swallows in the community and join in their journey


The Yi Wu Community was named after the native trees of the same name that covered the area in early years. They begin to bloom in mid-November and begin to produce ripe red fruits in mid-January, but have since been cut down indiscriminately and are almost extinct. The village, like other agricultural villages, is gradually facing the crisis of its aging population.

In recent years, through community reengineering, the residents have not only worked together to plant nearly a hundred Yiwu trees to recreate the old charm of Yiwu, but also carried out many projects to recreate the living space, from improving the accessible space to designing 13 iron windows that tell stories in the community, hoping to increase the residents' sense of identity with the place.

However, to the surprise of the renovation team, the vintage iron windows, which were created based on the villagers' lives, attracted many visitors to the community because of the special patterns and stories behind them, and like a treasure hunt, visitors walked through the alleyways and discovered an ordinary but warm story through each of the iron windows.

Fuxing Road, Wubei Village,, Kouhu Township, Yunlin County Taiwán, R.O.C
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