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Haoxiajiong Nanshe


Experience the fun of ‘centipede netting’; catch shrimp and fish

Taste the ecological mix of high-quality, non-toxic shrimp


When you come to Haoxiajiong Nanshe, you can't miss the opportunity to listen to a lecture on ecological pond farming and coexistence with nature, to play and experience catching shrimp with a ‘centipede net’, and to enjoy eating the truly delicious and non-toxic shrimp!

Compared to the usual farming method, the shrimp farming experts, A-Zheng and his partners, who were born in 1986, only takes 3~4 months to harvest the shrimps; the ecological farming is done by mixing with tilapia and grouper to create a natural ecological chain. Although the amount of harvest is reduced and it takes 5~6 months to harvest, A-Zheng and his partners always pursue "quality over quantity" and refuses to work with middleman distributors in order to bring the most secure and safe shrimp to consumers. They also hope to use their own success to change the attitude of local fishers, and to pursue a better vision of sustainable management together.

No. 166-90, Xingnan Section, Fanshucuo,, Kouhu Township, Yunlin County Taiwán, R.O.C
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