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Misty Beimen (Memorial Mausoleum to Chen Gui)


Around the 143-kilometer mark on Provincial Route 17 sits a small hill in Beimen District. This is the grave of Zheng Xi, who was the aunt of Koxinga (Guoxingye, that is, Zheng Chenggong). Local residents call this grave the “Old Grandmother’s Tomb”.

According to legend, the descendants of the Zheng family built nine tombs of similar design on a hill on Beimen Island, to prevent the Qing government from digging their tombs up. At one time, this area was close to the Taijiang River's inland sea, so fog often sat heavy on the hill. Thus, this area came to be called “Misty”. 

There is also a reinforced concrete bunker on the hill, which was established as a Wartime Company Command Post in 1949. The upper level of the building is a machine gun bunker for defense against assaults; the lower level is a command post that can accommodate about 20 people.

Near the 143-kilometer mark, Provincial Route 17, Beimen Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C
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