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Luzhu Sightseeing Fishing Harbor


An ideal spot for photographing the sunset and evening clouds

Take in an expansive view of the oyster fields


Luzhugou is a fishing village located in Sanguangli, Beimen District, Tainan City. In the early years, there were many irrigation canals (gou) running westward from Sanliaowan, through the villages along the north bank of the Jiangjun River, to the Jiangjun’s ocean estuary. Bridges over the canals had to be built using giantreed (luzhu) to create entrances to the villages. This is where Luzhugou (“Giantreed Canal”) gets its name from.

The fishing port of Luzhugou, also known as Beimen Fishing Port, is one of the three largest fishing ports in Tainan, with a fleet of 100 motorized jiaofa (fishing vessels with hulls made of many long, plastic pontoons), making it the largest fishing port for jiaofa in Tainan. The jiaofa are often used to transport oysters from the oyster farms, while sea anglers often rent out the jiaofa to go fishing and enjoy the fun of coastal fishing.

The fishing port of Luzhugou is close to the oyster farms. From the fishing port, you can see the oyster racks neatly arranged on the farms. When the day turns into night, the evening sunset emerges and the estuary is painted in vibrant colors. This creates a spectacular fishing port scene that heals the soul; photographers are often found here with gear ready to capture the gorgeous views.

Sanliaowan, Beimen District, Tainan City, Beimen Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C
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