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Winner Homestay

No. 131, Chenglong, Kouhu Township, Kouhu Township, Yunlin County Taiwán, R.O.C
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Winner Homestay is located on the north side of Niutiao River in Kouhu Township, Yunlin County.

Originally, the owner used the home to provide space for residents to practice playing the erhu stringed instrument. Later, with guidance from the Southwest Coast National Scenic Area Administration and the Kouhu Industry Alliance, part of the space was transformed into a homestay and received official certification.

Li Shih-ying, the owner of Winner Homestay, used to work in the steel industry. Li is now enjoying a hometown retirement, and actively participates in local welfare activities. Children from the neighborhood all give ‘Boss Li’ happy greetings.

The homestay provides leisure activities and sightseeing tours; guests can experience nature by exploring the countryside. There’s also space and equipment for barbecues, where guests can gather and grill food. The spacious indoor dining hall can be rented and used for company meetings and weddings. Local seafood vendors also gather here to give guests a chance to try out the local delicacies.

Guests staying at the homestay can easily access the nearby Chenglong Wetlands and Hukou Wetlands. Leave your ID to rent a bicycle for free at the Kouhu Visitor Center on the south side. Take a leisurely ride through the Kouhu countryside; watch as herons and other birds soar in the sky, and enjoy the natural beauty and carefree countryside.

After enjoying the beautiful scenery of Kouhu, return to the Kouhu Visitor Center for some delicious, inexpensive local agricultural products. Choose from mullet roe, XO sauce, Kabayaki-grilled sea bream, chayote sprouts, peanuts, eel, Uncle Shrimp, cherry tomatoes, and more!

Leave your workaday troubles behind. Come to Kouhu to relax and have a leisurely, carefree trip!
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