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Chau-a-Thau Thian-siunn Home Hotel B&B

No. 13, Chuanzitou, Dongshi Township, Dongshi Township, Chiayi County Taiwán, R.O.C
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How did this business get its name? Ms. Sia, the proprietor, says with gratitude: “This sanheyuan [three-section courtyard house) was left to us by my grandfather; my grandfather’s name was Thian-siunn [“Appreciated by Heaven”], so the B&B was named after him. And that gives our Home Hotel an additional meaning: ‘A gift from heaven’. Because of this asset, we have a foothold in reviving the community of Chau-a-Thau [Chuanzaitou]. Even though we don’t have luxurious facilities, we can guarantee that it’s all very clean!”

Chau-a-Thau Thian-siunn Home Hotel is a B&B in Chuanzaitou Art Village of Dongshi Township. Chuanzaitou is the home of Sia Soo-tsing (Xie Suzhen), CEO of Chuanzaitou Art Village Cultural and Educational Foundation. She and her brother returned to their hometown 20 years ago, to promote the Rural New Homeland Movement. This once-downfallen rural village was transformed into a paradise along the Puzi River. Staying at the sanheyuan has become a way for urbanites to experience rural life.

In addition to providing overnight accommodations, the Chau-a-Thau Thian-siunn Home Hotel also focuses on creating recreational space within the community. Come and try the Urban Farm to experience the fun of being a farmer in the city! Chau-a-Thau Thian-siunn Home Hotel also arranges experiential trips to fishing villages in Chiayi, ecological sightseeing, and other package trips.

The Chau-a-Thau Thian-siunn Home Hotel creates employment opportunities for local women by hiring them to do housekeeping, be tour guides, and provide interpretation services.
(Above text taken from Chiayi County Culture and Tourism Bureau website)

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