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Shifen Salt Residence

No. 59-10, Shifen, Shifen Village, Qigu Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C
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Closed on Chinese New Year's Eve
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Official website
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Located in Qigu area, “Tainan Qigu B&B – Shifen Salt Residence” was fully refurbished B&B in 2011. Every corner has been created by the hands of the owner. As you walk through the wooden doors into the garden of the B&B, you can see the clam lighting decorations and the black-faced spoonbill and mud crabs made from discarded motorcycles, and the pavilion, tables and chairs all handmade. You can see his thoughts and creativity everywhere just to let the adults and children visiting to have the most exciting experience and enjoy the most enriching journey.

Catching clams, crab fishing at Qigu, and take in the sights of the lagoon for the most unforgettable ecosystem experience……, a slow walk on the beach at dusk which only takes ten minutes to reach by car. An afternoon tea of freshly grilled red bean pancakes and an energy-filled breakfast to give you the vitality (on the spot picking of clams, oysters and milkfish to cook them in your porridge) needed. Besides having unlimited fun in your ecosystem travel experience, “Tainan Qigu B&B – Shifen Salt Residence” has also created comfortable, bright and heartwarming guestrooms. Converting discarded parts of motorcycles into cute mud crabs put in your room as decoration and exuding the atmosphere of fun everywhere, the rooms are very suitable for small and large families, a few good friends getting out together, experiencing the natural ecosystem and unlimited fun of the fisherman’s life.

Want to have fun on the boundless sandy beaches?

This place is only 6 minutes and 59 seconds away from the beach; catching a clam or crab only takes 11 minutes and 59 seconds….. At the same time, Shifen Salt Residence is also the top choice of bikers. Make this a resting spot for your journey and keep your bike away from the elements!

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